Solvic Solutions LTD can install and maintain effective alarm systems with a range of features. From fire and smoke detectors which sound a local alarm, to advanced integrated systems that respond by automatically opening controlled doors and notifying monitoring centres.

Alarms System

Solvic Solutions installs alarm systems for Fire, break-ins, theft and vandalism which can result in loss of goods, equipment and damage to property. This can disrupt businesses and homes, and affect the confidence of those who work or live on a site.

The alarms consist of a control panel which communicates with other security systems, continuously monitors sensors around the property and checks the system’s integrity. Incase of the occurrances an alarm will be triggered locally and even setting off a visual warning such as flashing lights.

We can set up your system to automatically inform an approved alarm receiving centre if security is breached or incase of fire. In turn, the centre will alert the police or contact an assigned person such as a key holder, third party security firm or monitoring centre.